Bambiland - Mice Production

Bambiland - Mice Production

We believe in the uniqueness of every person. Every couples are deserved to have very unique photos and memories in their own weddings. With our simplistic and natural shooting style, most of the emotions are not manipulated nor created. They are just so real and so true, and they are your own treasure.

Wedding photos should keep the emotions instead of stunning computer graphics with no souls. We aim to bring life into photography, rather than bringing photography to life.

Photographer: Jerry Cheung (aka, Siu Ming)

Jerry Cheung (Siu Ming) graduated as a psychology major who is very sensitive to the flow of emotions in social settings. He has been working as professional photographer for years and specializes in wedding and engagement photography, event and commercial photography. He is an associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (aRPS) and is a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).

With his believes in the uniqueness of human beings, his photography reflects the personalities of people yet artistic. Photography is the only way to imprint the faces and emotion and personality of a person.

Photography should be real, rather than synthetic in nature.

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